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Nothing appearing as everything

Home in the Heart of Presence

I have just written and recorded a guided meditation called ‘Home in the Heart of Presence’. This meditation can be used to help you make contact with the timeless dimension of presence already within you. By becoming more and more familiar with this... read more

Awakening Is Not a Magic Pill

For so long I imagined and dreamed that waking up would be like taking a magic pill. I dreamed that depression and anxiety and other mental and emotional difficulties would just vanish into thin air. When I was really honest with myself, like so much of my desperate... read more

Be and Be Free

When it feels like the world is closing in around your head and the pressure feels unbearable, take a moment to just stop. Stop and notice the silence. Stop and notice the space. Stop and notice that there is something here that is not pressured, something here that... read more

The Eternal Discovery

Extract from Fragments of Being – by Mike Jenkins Purchase Fragments of Being  This is the eternal discovery. Discovering that being is being all that arises is this living realisation. It’ so easy to settle and get comfortable with understanding or clarity, to... read more

The Embrace that Transforms

Extract from Chapter One of my new book. Like so many spiritual seekers, I was hoping to win the spiritual lottery and finally wake up an enlightened being. I imagined this would fix me and my life and bring all sorts of wonderful prizes. I dreamed that I would never... read more

Egocentric Living and the End of Suffering

After months of prevarication, I have finally started to write my next book! Here is an extract from an early chapter. Egocentric Living and the End of Suffering After about 5 years of working as a professional actor, with some promising but ultimately false starts, I... read more

The End of Longing

For most of my adult life, I lived with the constant sensation that somehow, something very important was missing. I lived with an almost permanent niggling feeling of lack. This sensation took various forms and led me to look for various fixes… from smoking,... read more

In The Stillness of the Heart

Here, in the stillness of the heart it ultimately matters not what storms rage around. Indeed, all the storms of feeling, emotion, sensation and thought eventually come to rest in and know the stillness of the heart. It is the final winner, this stillness. It has the... read more

A Whole Lot of Nothing

I know nothing.. nothing knows me… and nothing as it turns out, is a lot. Nothing is emptiness, is silence, is space. There’s a lot of that about, within and without. Silence and space are the the only true teachers. When you need clarity, space helps.... read more

The Glass is Always Full

Your glass is not half empty and it’s not half full. It’s always completely full. The glass is you and the life you are and it’s brim full of aliveness. Every moment is THIS moment: totally alive, totally powered up and engaged, even if it’s... read more

When Nothing Arrived

Play the video after reading the scene from nowhere. A Scene from Nowhere  Somewhere, someone is waiting for something… tick, tock, tick, tock.  Someone speaks.  SOMEONE: Something will turn up sometime. This can’t last forever. Something has got to happen... read more

I’m Too Sexy for My (shirt) Label

I had some brilliant and engaging conversations with writer Tony Green this past week about sexuality and identity (check out his page here) Something that has felt true all my life is that human sexuality is flowing and free and that many people (me included at... read more

Hopeless Romantic

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic which is plain to see If you see me As I am Am I as I am as The hopeless the causeless The clueless and blueless drunk on the moon and The riff of that tune That plays when you walk Or sit or talk In the room or the way the... read more

What I Remember Now

What I Remember Now (First Draft – 8:55pm Tuesday 27th January 2015) I remember that when I was in pain and felt small and alone and hated and rejected it was easy for me to poke fun the ones who were different or the ones who were strange or the ones who were... read more

Living Freely

More and more these days I get a sense of both being here and not being here. It is one of those divine paradoxes that makes no sense to the reasoning mind but which is understood through living it. Language can paint a picture but it is limited because it assumes... read more

Expressions of Fear and Lack

Question: I look at the news and I see the horror and the suffering happening all over the world and I feel despair. It seems like things are getting worse, not better. I want to do something to help but feel totally helpless. All of the acts of violence that play out... read more

Heart Breaks Bigger

Just when you think you can’t love any more, when you get to the point where you think your love is spent, something splits and cracks open… and wide inside, rooms burst open, the house is suddenly a mansion. With every heart break, the heart gets bigger... read more

I Met Love

I met love on the dance floor of a basement club, on a crowded New York subway train, up the side of a mountain in Thailand, on the cancer ward and on the Old Kent Road… and it told me: I am everywhere, there is nowhere I am not. You will never reach the end.... read more

Out of Control

I can of Myself do nothing John 5:30 The Bible; New King James Version We cling so firmly to the idea of free will and choice because the thought of not steering our own ship terrifies us. Without the freedom to choose, without a sense of agency and control we fear... read more

Walking Here

It’s all me really (and it’s all you too)… this last glass of surprisingly good white wine, this Gregorian chant, this memory of the citadel in Gozo, this sensation of dust in my shoes, this glowing screen, this feint smell of soap on my fingers, the... read more

Here I Am

Here I Am Here I am, sitting on the bed, pen in hand and writing once more. Here I am, as the air in the room and the space in the room and the wind blowing through the window. Here I am as the sound of birds singing in the trees. Here I am, as the light spilling... read more

From Silence

Sitting in a Quaker meeting yesterday, immersed in silence and stillness with others, these words came to me: “There is nothing that does not come from silence, that is to say there is nothing that is not of God. There is nothing that is not the creation of... read more


Hibernation I am taking a break from writing, speaking and meetings over the next few months. Please come back in the Spring when something might be appearing from nothing. In the meantime, feel free to explore the blog writings here and the videos on my YouTube and... read more

Directly Know That You Are

It’s so easy to become convinced that what you are looking for is out there, separate from you, in the future. Or that what is missing is some special, exciting, illuminating or exotic experience that some teacher, author or guru has had that you now need to... read more

Out of Nothing

Out of nothing this comes. Little black squiggles, marching out here on parade… prancing about like presentation ponies on the open page. And so it is with everything, spilling out of nothing. I sit in utter emptiness and out of this falls the fullness of the... read more

A Prayer

May all who find their way here Come to know that they are the love that does not end May you come to see the fullness that you are and to live the freedom that is life in love May you rest when you are tired and eat when you are hungry and know that you are loved May... read more

The Perfection You Are

Meeting this eternal moment is to encounter the perfection you are. Most of us end up with some story about ourselves that says in some way that we are not good enough, that something is missing and that something has to change for us to be at peace. Discovering the... read more